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Worst. Subway station. Evar.

It’s the 14th Street station on the F line. It’s gross and rat-infested even at the best of times, but tonight, coming home from the darkroom, I saw 1) a man exposing himself on the far north end of the … Continue reading

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Ocean Parkway

In the summer I moved out of Ditmas Park to Ocean Parkway. It’s only about a ten minute walk from my old place, but it’s not Ditmas; people consider it Kensington, but that’s not terribly descriptive, because Kensington is a … Continue reading

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In this thread, I asked why the Canadian Governor-General, Michaëlle Jean, decided to grant Stephen Harper’s egregious request for the prorogation of parliament. I mean, she could have said no. Spaz responded to my question, saying: As for why, maybe … Continue reading

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The Drugstore Where Time Stands Still

Over two years ago I made a visit to Hamilton, Ontario, my hometown, and one of things I did while I was there was walk down Barton St., a street that I remember as vibrant from my childhood but that … Continue reading

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Larry Schmummers

From this article in the NYT on Larry Summers: For someone said to be poor at reading others, Mr. Summers has often displayed keen political instincts; after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, he had urged Harvard students to support the … Continue reading

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