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Gaza is part of Iran’s empire? Wha?

This is just lunatic: Israel has just embarked on a land invasion of the Gaza Strip after a week of aerial bombing. Gaza is bordered by Egypt, and was under Egyptian military control from 1949 through 1967. And yet in … Continue reading

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I’ve been at my job for a full year as of today. Pathetically, this is the longest I’ve ever been at a job. And, unsurprisingly, I’m casting around for a new gig.

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Why the hell not? These were things I was starting to do/thinking of doing already but New Year’s gives me an excuse to share them with you, kind readers. 1. Substitute tea for coffee. It’s not like coffee is bad … Continue reading

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Tony Karon gets it completely right yet again.

This is the best analysis of the current situation in Gaza that I’ve read yet. Just about everything in the mainstream press is blather.

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