Why the hell not? These were things I was starting to do/thinking of doing already but New Year’s gives me an excuse to share them with you, kind readers.

1. Substitute tea for coffee. It’s not like coffee is bad for you, but for some reason I wish I weren’t addicted to caffeine. Plus, antioxidants, blah blah blah.

2. Use more film. I had hardly used my film cameras for years, but traveling this year gave me a reason to dust off the Rollei. A couple of weeks ago I bought a whole mess of film from Freestyle Photographic supplies including a lot of 35mm for my two workhorse Pentax cameras, which I haven’t used in years. I plan to join the New York Camera Club in a couple of months, once I’m not so busy…

3. …studying to pass the UN’s competitive translators’ exam. Apparently some people take it over and over again and keep failing because it’s really hard, so I don’t expect to pass. But at least it gives me something to work toward, and unless I’m working toward something — anything — I get really depressed. I got the e-mail this week informing me that I’m writing it in one month, and I still have a lot of French to learn, which is why I’m at home on a Friday night. Well, actually, I’m home on a Friday night because I’m lame. But at least my lameness has always contributed to my excellence as a student.

4. Cook more. To this end, I bought mixing bowls today.

5. Save more money. It’s hard to save a lot when your hobby is the darkroom, and I’m pretty darn frugal as it is. But when you only have to do laundry once a month, that’s a sign that you have too many clothes and don’t need any more.

6. Finding a new job by the end of the year would be nice, and I’m already starting to look. But honestly, there’s probably virtually no other job that would pay me as much and have benefits that are quite as good, so if I’m still here at the beginning of 2010 it won’t be the end of the world.

[Added at 9:48 PM: stop overusing commas.]

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3 Responses to Resomolutions

  1. Jo says:

    Do send me your snail mail addy and I will send you MOUNTAINS of tea. I participate in an annual tea exchange thingy where I send out mountains of tea and receive mountains of tea and I’m often looking for a home for most of the flavours I dislike. WHEE!

  2. alif sikkiin says:

    Oooh, I will.

    “Annual tea exchange thingy”…that’s weird.

  3. Jo says:

    LOL you can participate if you like — it’s on my childfree discussion board. Basically about seven or eight people sign up, and you mail each person on the list two teabags, and in return you receive seven or eight envelopes containing two teabags. It’s just regular postage and you get to try a variety of flavours. Some people go all out and send the super expensive “Mighty Leaf” stuff, others just send a scoop of whatever they have lying around in a baggie. LOL It’s a real mishmash. I discovered Numi LIME this way, and it’s positively delightful.

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