I’m back, maybe

I just got back home to Cairo after a month in Iran and I’m considering starting this thing up again to write about some of my experiences.  

On Facebook a friend wrote that my travels as a solo woman around the Middle East would be the “perfect conceit” for a book.  I have to disagree:  For one thing, the solo Western woman traveling in the Middle East hasn’t been fresh since Freya Stark.  For another, most of my travel experiences would read like “so I was looking for this traditional restaurant but the Lonely Planet map was really shit so I wandered around in the hot sun for an hour until I finally gave up and got pizza instead.”

I’ll try to make the upcoming entries more interesting than that, I promise.

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One Response to I’m back, maybe

  1. Jo Pavlov says:

    Phooey. You totally underestimate your writing skillz, never mind our mundane lives…

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