Van, Turkey was my staging area for Iran.  Not much to report from my three nights there because I spent most of the time working on a translation job in my hotel, thereby financing my whole trip.  As I mentioned before, I didn’t go to Van Castle, and the museum in town is closed due to damage sustained in the 2011 earthquake. The highlights were a restaurant called Kebabistan and soaking up that weird eastern-Turkey atmosphere which is hard to describe so I’m not going to bother trying.

To get to Iran, I took a minibus to a town called Yüksekova, then another minibus to Sero/Serow/سرو, which is the border crossing.

The middle of March is late winter in this part of Turkey, so there was snow.  This was novel for me, given that I haven’t seen the stuff for more than two years.  On the way to Yüksekova we passed Hoşap Castle.


The audio on the video below is sort of quiet, unfortunately.  The Kurdish music playing in the minibus was as austere as the landscape.

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