Clashes in my neighborhood

So today I was doing some cat-care in Zamalek for an embassy friend who was evacuated a couple of months ago and on my way home the metro skipped my station, Behooth.  There was an announcement saying that the station would be skipped, “حرصاً على” something-or-other that I couldn’t make out.  So I got out at Cairo University station and started looking for a taxi.  There were dozens of young men walking down the street in one direction, as though leaving an event.  Taxi driver said that there had been gunfire in Dokki, but didn’t know much more.  He dropped me on the corner of Musaddaq and Muhi el-Deen and I had to walk the rest of the way, because he said he didn’t want to get too close, that there might still be gunfire.  I was like, hmm, weird.  I walked home and didn’t hear anything, but the narrow streets where I live were utterly clogged with vehicles.

Discovered through Twitter when I got home that there was shooting from the top of the Behooth station between cops and Ikhwan.  Apparently state media says it was Ikhwan that was doing the firing.  Har har har.

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