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Pool training, 11/21

The advantage to being a no-talent beginner freediver is that you improve steadily yet incrementally, so you’re always setting new personal bests. Today I did a new PB in DYN (i.e., “dyamic”, which means swimming for distance in a pool on … Continue reading

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The journey inward

I recently took up freediving (diving underwater on a single breathhold). It’s a fascinating activity for so, so many reasons and teaches you a lot about your physical and mental capabilities. I started out with zero natural talent (indeed, the AIDA … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the first day of Diwali, and I’m glad to be in Udaipur, Rajasthan, which is very pretty and hence extra picturesque when all lit up for the celebrations.  Yesterday just after dusk I took a walk, and here … Continue reading

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Freshening up a shrine, Bundi

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Cognac Remy

Found a nice ghost sign on Sherif St. yesterday.

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And believe it or not, I’m still here

Cairo, argh. The argh: So there were clashes in my neighborhood over the long weekend in which one person was shot and killed. Lucky for me, I was actually in Sinai at the time finishing my Advanced Open Water scuba … Continue reading

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Clashes in my neighborhood

So today I was doing some cat-care in Zamalek for an embassy friend who was evacuated a couple of months ago and on my way home the metro skipped my station, Behooth.  There was an announcement saying that the station … Continue reading

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